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Now that the term’s finally ended, I’m gratified to be able to reflect on what I’ve been up to for the past few months, in terms of conferences and presentations. This Fall was a really interesting time for me, because in addition to presenting at conferences that are old standbys for me, like the Society for the History of Technology, I was also glad to have the opportunity to make new connections in fields ranging from digital humanities to queer studies.

Here’s what I’ve been up to, with some links to available online versions of presentation materials where possible:

Mobile Processing Conference, University of Illinois, Chicago, November 2, 2013
“Artifacts from History: Gender, Infrastructure, and the Assumptions Our Technologies (Make Us) Make”
Much of this talk was based on the experiment detailed in these blog posts.

Digital Humanites Workshop, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, August 8, 2013
“Retooling Undergrads: Digital Humanities in the Classroom, on Campus, & Beyond” 
Download a copy of the slides for this talk.

North American Conference on British Studies, Portland, Oregon, November 2013
Roundtable on Queering the History of Technology in British Studies (organizer and participant, with co-presenters Katie Hindmarch-Watson, Kate Thomas, and chaired by Brian Lewis)
The comments I presented here will inform an upcoming article, but unfortunately no slides to share for this one, given the format of the session.

Society for the History of Technology, Portland, Maine, October 2013
Participant in teaching Roundtable, spoke on:
“The History of Computing and Outward-Facing Classrooms: A perspective from the SIGCIS (Special Interest Group on Computers , Information, and Society)”
You can read my comments for this panel, as well as the comments of the other panelists, on the new website for SHOT.

Society for the History of Technology, Portland, Maine, October 2013
“The Invisible Logic of Technocracy: Feminization, Reskilling, and Governance in British Computing, 1944-1979”
Nothing to share publicly for this one right now–too busy working on the book manuscript!

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